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How it works

When tow companies impound cars that don't get claimed,
those cars will eventually be sold at auction. Towlot.com hosts
these auctions for tow companies nationwide.

You, as a buyer, can view a full list of upcoming auctions, browse
through each company's online inventory showroom and view
vehicles in person all for FREE! Once you are ready to
start placing bids, simply activate your buyer's account by
selecting from one of our 3 affordable membership options.

When your membership is active you can place optional pre-bids
in any showroom. Be sure to join the LIGHTNING ROUND
AUCTION that will begin at the date and time specified for each
company's auction. During the LIGHTNING ROUND AUCTION
each car will appear on the screen individually and
bids will be placed in "REAL TIME". Once 10 seconds passes
with no bids being placed, the item on the screen sells and the
next item in line will appear.

When you are the winning bidder, an email notification is
immediately generated. Then you just pick up your item and pay in-person!
It's that simple!