TowLot.com is an online venue for towing companies to use to conduct their own auction. Each company has their own Terms and Conditions for their auction. For specific answers to questions about their auction, please visit each companies "Auction Details" page located in each auction showroom.

Do I have to be a dealer or have a special license to buy on TowLot.Com?
No, TowLot.Com is open to the public.
Can I view the auction inventory in person before bidding?
Most companies will allow you to view their inventory in person before bidding. You do not need to have a membership with TowLot.com before previewing items.
I saw an item in an auction showroom that is no longer there, what happened?
In most cases the previous owner or lien holder has the right to claim the vehicle up until the point of which it is sold at auction. Usually if a vehicle is removed from an auction, that is what happened. Occasionally a vehicle was not processed properly and must be pulled from the current auction and placed in a future auction.
Are there any hidden fees?
The only payment you will make to TowLot.com is your membership fee enabling you to bid for the duration of time that you choose. Any extra fee’s you would pay would go to the tow company that you purchased from. All extra fee’s are posted in their "auction details" page.
If I buy a vehicle will I get any type of warranty?
Typically vehicles sold on TowLot.com are sold AS IS, WHERE IS with no warranties, unless otherwise stated.
Do these vehicles have Titles?
Titling & registering a vehicle purchased at auction is usually very simple. However, all states have their own way of handling this process. Please visit the “auction details” page for the auction you wish to participate in or contact that company directly for explanation.
Do I have to pay any back taxes or sales tax?
Most states do not require the new owner of an unclaimed vehicle to pay any back taxes and you will usually pay your sales tax at the motor vehicle department and not the tow company. Please verify this information with the company you plan to purchase from.
I placed a bid in the Lightning Auction, but it didn't show up. What happened?
The system posts bids in the order received. Internet connection speeds vary greatly, and someone else's bid arrived first.
I won a bid! Now what?
You will be emailed a winning bidder notification immediately after winning an item on TowLot.com. You will also be able to access the information on your bidders panel by clicking on “my page”. You now must go to the company that you purchased the item from within the allotted time frame and pay that company directly. You will not pay TowLot.com for any items purchased.
If I'm the winning bidder and decide that I don't want the item, do I still have to pay?
Yes. By bidding on items on TowLot.com you are entering in to a legally binding contract that obligates the winning bidder to that item. Not paying for an item can result in membership suspension, renege fee’s, and prosecution in civil court. Please view all inventory in person before bidding, and bid with confidence.