The 3 easy steps

There are three clear-cut steps you will take to run your auction on towlot.com:

  1. 1) Set the time of your auction...
  2. 2) Digital photos need to be taken...
  3. 3) Essential information on each vehicle...

TowLot.com enables the Tow Company to dispose of unclaimed and
abandoned vehicles through the use of an Exiciting Online "Real Time"

Auction platform.


  • Cars Stay on your lot
  • Expanded bidder pool
  • Auction runs on its own
  • Buyers pay you direct
  • Stay Lien Law Compliant
  • Access detailed bid results
  • Access All Auctions History
  • Get 2nd tows on sold vehicles
  • No sales percentages
  • No buyer to buyer intimidation
  • No extreme weather conditions
  • affecting attendance
  • No collusion among bidders
  • No Large Crowd Liability
  • No overhead costs
  • No security or Extra Employees
  • on auction day
  • No costly buyers fees that end
  • up reducing your cars value
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per vehicle listing



per unclaimed

property listing




 (listing fees can be recouped from winning bidders)